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Specializing in Fiduciary Client-centered Investment & Tax Services:

Conservative Christian Investment Screening

Conservative Christian Investment Screening

The construction of our Biblical Responsible Investing (BRI) Portfolio and Portfolios for Patriots involves a process including an initial screening and on-going monitoring of portfolio company activities in order to identify practices which don't align with your faith or conservative principles.  8 common areas we filter are:

  • Abortion
  • Unalienable Rights
  • Tobacco
  • Pornography
  • Lifestyles
  • Entertainment
  • Gambling
  • Alcohol 
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Comprehensive Financial Planning by a CFP® Professional

Comprehensive Financial Planning by a CFP® Professional

We utilize a comprehensive financial planning approach which focuses on discovering and prioritizing your retirement goals with your other financial goals. 

It involves the following 5-step process:

  1. Client Discovery
  2. Comparing current status vs. alternative courses of action
  3. Developing & Presenting Recommendations
  4. Implementation
  5. Monitoring

Depending on the complexity, availability of information, and the needs of the client, the process can take from a couple of hours to several meetings. 

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

We construct and manage  portfolios which meet the client's long-term investment objectives, time horizon, and preferences for risk vs. return.  We actively select and monitor investments for asset allocation, diversification, performance, fundamentals, and economic outlooks.  We act as a fiduciary, always putting our clients interests ahead of our own, mitigating conflicts-of-interest through a client-centric business model.  If a conflict arises, we are sure to disclose it to our client in a timely manner.

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Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management

Private Placements and Institutional-style investment opportunities for accredited investors seeking to diversify their investments beyond public security markets.  Type of investments may include:

  • Business Development Companies (BDC),
  • Non-public Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs),
  • Direct Lending,
  • Secondaries,
  • Private Equity. 

As your fiduciary advisor, we help screen and evaluate opportunties which fit your long-term goals, income needs, liquidity needs, diversification, liquid net worth (and other investments in your portfolio), risk tolerance and investment knowledge/sophistication.

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Retirement Plans for Sole Proprietors & Business Owners

Retirement Plans for Sole Proprietors & Business Owners

Business owners have unique circumstances and options involving retirement plans.  Retirement plan decisions for business owners often-time involves tax knowledge & expertise which most financial advisors do not specialize in.  If you earn income through an S-Corp, a Partnership, a disregarded LLC, or Sole-Proprietorship, you have the ability to leverage tax advantaged retirement plans to save for retirement while saving on your current tax bill.  

Typical plans include the following:

  • SOLO 401k (Personal401k)
  • Safe-Harbor 401k 
  • Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans
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Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax Planning and Preparation

When seeking financial advice, do you ever feel caught between your tax preparer and your financial advisor?  Your tax preparer is either too busy or out of season, and your financial advisor discloses to you "I am unable to provide tax advice.  You need to speak to a tax professional."

We integrate tax services into our platform in order to more effectively and efficiently handle complex financial decisions wisely through better knowledge of our client's circumstances and our long-term relationships with them.  Through our pro-active tax forecasting and planning process, we are able to provide insight and recommendations to our clients to help them make wiser financial decisions helping them save money on taxes.

  • Tax Planning: Annual Pro-Forma Tax Return with year end recommendations
  • Client Representation before the IRS 
  • Federal Tax Filing
  • State Tax Filings
  • Tax Filing Extensions
  • Tax Filing Amendments
  • What is an Enrolled Agent?
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Serving Christian Families

Serving Christian Families

Many of our clients are Christian Families who have dedicated themselves to glorifying God in every aspect of their lives.  We help Christians invest with a clear conscience knowing that their investment accounts are not funding immoral causes.  This is called Biblical Responsible Investsting (BRI).    

Enduro Financial is entrusted by clients with the dual-mandate of helping our clients achieve their financial goals, while simultaneously not compromising their integrity by investing in companies which don't align with their values.  We provide clients with the advice, resources, education, and stock screening solutions to meet their unique and personal financial goals.

Serving Active Duty Military & Veterans and their Families

Serving Active Duty Military & Veterans and their Families

 We also proudly serve Veterans of the Armed Forces who honorably served to protect and defend our great nation and its Constitution.  We help Veterans invest their savings and retirement accounts with companies which support our nation's traditions, heritage, and values which members of our Armed Forces so selflessly sacrifice to uphold.

We also provide unique service offerings, screening tools, and education to help guide Veterans through their financial circumstances- whether it is optimizing their Thrift Savings Plan portfolio to fit their long-term financial goals, assisting with a comprehensive Financial & Tax Plan, or screening their retirement account and excluding companies which don't align with your patriotic values.

Serving Families New to Idaho

Serving Families New to Idaho

Some of our clients are new to Idaho.  They moved here seeking a better and safer location to raise their children and grand-children.  They also seek a state which protects their unalienable individual rights established in our nation's founding documents.  As both finanacial and tax advisors, we help those new to Idaho navigate the complexities of their investment portfolios and their tax situations.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Centered

  • Enduro Financial is structured as a Fee-Only firm.  Client advice and services are our only revenue source.  We seek to limit conflicts of interest by not providing any commission-based investments or insurance products.  We also do not generate revenue through relationships or partnerships with other businesses or organizations.

  • CFP® professionals commit themselves to the Fiduciary standard and therefore, act in their client's best interests, at all times when providing financial advice to a client.

  • As part of the CFP certification, a CFP professional agrees to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct requiring CFP® professionals to uphold the principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, adn confidentiality.

  • Yes.  Enduro Financial works with people from various walks of life , religions, and backgrounds.  Many non-Christian and non-Veteran clients appreciate Enduro Financial's commitment to their core values- honesty, integrity, work-ethic, and self-sacrifice.

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